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Minnesota Apple Varieties  (in approximate order of ripening)

The following varieties of Apples are commonly grown in the more severe northern climate found in Minnesota.Those highlighted in Red Text are argueably what I consider to be the premier commercial varieties.  Several of the other varieties are truely unique and can provide the home/hobby orchard grower some special rewards for their labor. 

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Average Harvest Dates

Fruit Characteristics


Storage Life
Lodi August 15-25  Yellow  Fresh eating, cook  Few weeks 
Norland August 10-15  Greenish yellow stripped with red. Moderately acid but pleasant  Fresh eating and cooking.  Few Weeks 
Vista Bell August 17-25  White fleshed fruit  Very good eating and cooking  Three to four weeks 
Dutchess Aug. 9-15  tart, tender, juicy  good for pie and sauce  Several weeks 
Pristine August 20  Red, crisp  good eating  Several weeks 
William's Pride August 25-30  Dark red on a green-yellow background. Very crisp and juicy.  Fresh eating.  Six to eight weeks. 
State Fair Aug. 18-24  Medium red, striped, crisp, juicy, somewhat tart  Fresh eating and cooking  Several weeks 
Zestar! August 28  Crisp and Juicy  Excellent eating  Six to eight weeks 
Sansa August 25-30  Full red w/ deep red strips  Excellent desert apple  Four weeks 
Sunrise August 25-30  Crisp, juicy and sweet  Fresh eating  Several weeks 
Paulared Aug. 25-Sept.1  Red, crisp, juicy Dependable producer.   good for eating, pie, sauce  One month 
Beacon Aug. 25-30  Sweet, aromatic flavor.  Fresh eating, cooking and cider  Several weeks 
Whitney Crab Aug 25-Sept 1 Large Crab, hardy tree, Sweet flesh.  (Chesnut Crab is superior to Whitney Fresh eating, pickling Few weeks
Wealthy Sept 5 -10  One of oldest apples in MN. Red skin, sometimes striped. White tender very juicy sweet.  Pies, fresh eating, cooking  Four weeks 
Ginger Gold Early September  Crisp, juicy and tangy. Smooth green-yellow skin. Marginally winter hardy, susceptable to fireblight - but a real tastey yellow apple. Fresh eating, pies, salads (Waldorf), freezing, cooking.  Four weeks 
Chestnut Crab Sept. 3-11 

Large crab with super great flavor  Best tasting eating apple until the Honeycrisp are ripe.

eating  Four Weeks 
Wealthy Sept. 8-16  Red with a white flesh. Juicy sweet subacid flavor  Cooking, pies and fresh eating  One month 
Red Baron Sep 10th  Good Eating! Tendency for bi-annual if not pruned each year.   Eating, Pie, Cider  Four Weeks 
Sweet Sixteen Sept. 19-27  Large, crisp, sweet  eating, sauce and pie  Four weeks 
Honeycrisp Sept. 20-28  THE ONE EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT! Red with a yellow background. A mouth full of flavor. Super "Crisp" structure - good crunch! Fresh eating! Cooking and pies.  Five to 6 Months 


(New release from Univ of Minnesota)

Sept 20-30 Has Flavor and texture of its parent - Connel Red but sightly smaller and early seasoned. Fresh eating, cooking and sauce Two months (or more?)
Cortland Sept. 25-Oct. 3  Sweet/tart. Very white flesh which holds color well  Very winter hardy tree! All purpose. Great for salads!  Two months 
Macoun September 20-30  Dark Red, medium size, richly flavored, aromatic,excellent fresh eating quality.  Cooking, Fresh eating, cider, pie.  Keeps well 
McIntosh Septenber  20-30 Sweet/tart. White Flesh, holds color fairly well. All purpose. Good Salad Apple Two months
Northwest Greening Late September  Green  - makes great apple dumplings Cooking  Four Weeks 
Prairie Spy Sept. 27-Oct. 5  Large, superb sweet/tart/complex flavor, holds shape when cooked  - plant the old strains - NOT the "Red" Prairie Spy strain. all purpose  Two months 
Haralson Sept. 30-Oct. 8  A Minnesota favorite! - crisp, tart  good all purpose apple  Four months 
Honeygold Early October  Yellow - excellent sweet flavor  Bruises easily. Fresh eating and cooking  Three to four months 
Liberty October 5-10  Red, School box size. Great sweet/tart balence  Cooking, fresh eating.  6 weeks 
Redwell October 5 Red Striped, good sized, No acid apple. Fresh eating 5 weeks
Regent Oct. 9-17  Crisp, juicy, sweet, good keeper  all purpose  Three to four months 
Fireside/Connell Red Oct 8-18 

Connell Red is a color sport of Fireside - LARGE apple, Unique flavor among all apples.

Great fresh eating, cooking and sauce  Several months 
Keepsake Oct. 11-19  Firm and crisp Sweet, hard, keeps through January if picked before frost. Fresh eating  Three to four months 



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