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Tarnished Plant Bug PDF Print E-mail

Photographer: Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service Contact: USDA ARS Photo Unit, USDA Agricultural Research Service Descriptor: Adult(s) Description: The tarnished plant bug is reared in the lab as a factory for parasites. Citation: Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Description:

The adult is brown and the extremities of the wings are translucent. It has a cream colored triangular plate on its back. The nymph is pale green with five points on its back. This pest usually leaves the orchard after spring to live on alternate hosts.


Pre-bloom stings on woody tissue and on the floral peduncle leave a droplet of sap and often cause abortion of the bud. Stings on the fruit make funnel like depressions.

Management:Photographer: Russ Ottens, University of Georgia Descriptor: Adult(s) Citation: Russ Ottens, University of Georgia,

Monitor for the presence of adults in early spring. You can use white sticky boards to help find them. Broad spectrum prebloom sprays will control populations as well. Elimination of alternate hosts on the orchard can also help reduce populations. Alternate hosts include; legumes, mullien, chickweed, dandelion, pigweed, lambsquarters, plaintain, goldenrod, and aster.

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Download sheets from Minn. Dept. of Ag - Tarnished plant bug (PDF: 133 KB / 2 pages)


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