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Oblique Banded Leafroller DamageOblique Banded Leaf Roller  ( Choristoneura rosaceana)


This leafroller is both a direct pest and an indirect pest on apples. Adults are beige/red 21-27 mm long, a decent sized moth with oblique (slanted) bands, hence the name. Green eggs are laid in masses on the upper surfaces of the leaves. The eggs are a light green (look for photos in our references) and the larva is yellow to olive green with a dark brownish head. It is widely distributed in the US and Canada.


The caterpillars feed on the outside of the fruit often where two apples touch each other. They roll up leaves and hide in these little shelters. Early injuries usually severely deform the fruit and the damage is impossible to distinguish from other leafrollers. This is inconsequential as the management treatments for all the leafroller types is similar. Late season feeding causes small pits or "trails" in the surface of the fruit (seen to the left here).


This species may be hard to control because of its extended flight and egg laying patterns which can vary according to local climate. bacillus thuringienses, a parasitie virus that kills larvea may be a good choice for the homeowner because it is selective and quite non-toxic to natural predators and safe to use near your home. It may require repeat applications, so do not be discouraged if it takes more than one treatment. Always remember to follow the label on any pesticide. Sprays at Pink and petal fall are good times to control this pest.

Download fact sheet from Minn. Dept of Ag - Obliquebanded leafroller (PDF: 132 KB / 2 pages)


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