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Pesticide Warning and Disclaimer PDF Print E-mail

Warning on the use of Pesticides

Control Recommendations: Use caution, because pest species and recommended controls vary regionally. Recommendations for commercial use and home use are made separately for specific reasons.  Many pesticides used by commercial growers require applicators to be certified; these may not legally be purchased or applied by non-certified applicators.  Materials recommended for home fruit production are safer for application in the typical homeowner environment.

The information in these pages does not in any way replace or supersede the information on the pesticide product labeling or other regulatory requirements.

Please refer to the pesticide product labeling. The Label is the Law.


While we attempt to provide the best information and recommendations, it is important to note that. NO Results are not guarunteed. When we consider the nature of growing fruit and the wide variety of climates and crops we cannot guaruntee any one result. Also, we are not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from the information provided on this website.


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