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Pruning Produces Fruitfullness PDF Print E-mail

This is a Biblical Principle. It will help you find contentment in your difficulties and give you some understanding as what many things that were or are good productive areas of our lives are suddenly and seemingly senselessly cut off. God is the husbandman tending his field which is the world (cosmos) and all of us. He works in ways we do not understand, He operates without our permission, but he is good. In the end, He will have the harvest from what He has planted, and it will be better than we can see right now.

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Pruning is cutting, and cuts are wounds. Pruning wounds the tree. One of the many reactions of a fruit tree to any kind of stress and/or wounding is to produce more flowers. There is a direct relationship between the amount and severity of pruning to the continual fruitfulness of the tree.

Jesus guaranteed that our lives would be pruned. john 15:1-8 Remember that pruning is wounding and He guarantees us that we will suffer things on an ongoing basis. The Greek word used here translated as "pruning" also means "cleansing". When we are being pruned, the non-essentials are removed and we are thus also "cleansed". Proper pruning stimulates the plant to grow new and more vigorous wood, than if it was left to grow on its own. Its the same with us.

This is not punishment for wrongdoing

Certainly punishment for wrong doing and "natural" consequences for wrong decisions happen all the time, but here, I am talking about something else. I am talking about something more universal and common.

This pruning of the Lord is often called other things but the Bible calls it things like "chastening", or "cleansing". . We do not normally associate our bathing or taking a nice hot shower with the severity of chastening. But then God is always looking deep inside in our hearts and not so much at our freshly showered public display faces. The life that pushes out and produces fruit in the tree comes from deep within the roots of the tree as well.


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